Get a good tune in your head.

As cheesy as this may sound, when you have a good tune in your head, it’s a lot harder to be in a bad mood. I literally always have a song in my head. I could wake up in the middle of the night and have a song in my head. As annoying as it might be to some, that’s how I’m wired. Sometimes when I have an annoying song in my head I ask people at work if they have a song in their head. Two things can happen.

1. You get a better song in your head.
2. You get a chance to have a good conversation with a coworker about what music or lack of music they have in their life.

This has lead to a lot of fun conversations with many people over the years. And at home, it’s become such a way of life that around the dinner table with the family someone usually says “what song” and everyone starts to spout off what they’ve got going on in their mental jukebox, or if its off for the moment. It always leads to some kind of interesting conversation. Give it a try with your family or coworkers when there is nothing to talk about and see what happens.


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