Gratitude influences attitude

Something great happens when you sincerely tell someone “thanks”. It makes you both feel good. It makes you both appreciate the other a little more. It makes you want to be a little better to that person in the future. Gratitude literally influences our attitude.

I had a scout bring me a pie one time to say thanks to me for helping out with scout camp. It was a good pie, but I was more impressed with the fact that he took the time (I’m sure with some help from a good Mom) to say thanks, especially since I wasn’t expecting it. He really meant it and I’ll always have a respect for him for that.

Think about that on a bigger level. Thanking your spouse, your kids, your parents, neighbors, and coworkers all has huge benefits to all involved. And if you think about it very much, there are plenty of things to thank them for. It doesn’t have to be with a pie or anything other object, but if it’s sincere you’ll both know it and reap the benefits from it.

It’s hard to be upset or in a bad mood when you’re in the middle of giving or receiving “thanks”, even if it’s small.

Remember to say “thanks”. It changes things for the better.


Be a fortress for your future, not a prisoner to your past.

History is a great thing to learn from. It can shape us into who we are. But we don’t have to be a prisoner to it. Sometimes, rather than using them as building blocks, we shackle ourselves with our mistakes. Being shackled with the past squashes hope for the future. Instead of doing that, try the following:

1. Learn and grow from your mistakes, but leave them in the past.
2. Think about what you’ll change in the future to avoid certain mistakes.
3. Celebrate little victories.
4. Probably the hardest of all, be ready to swallow your pride. Pride precedes the fall and humility leads to learning.

When we live in the past, we get stuck. Ever know someone that was still living in ’82 and if coach would’ve put him in, he’d have taken state (name that character and movie)? This stops growth and potential success. That could be us if we’re not careful.

On the other hand we can be a fortress for our future. A fortress takes time to build and is built to take some heavy blows. It’s also built for the long haul, many of them outlasting the people who built them. Have the courage to be willing to work and take some hits along the way. Learn from the past, but let it help you positively build for your future. This kind of courage will give rise to your growth and success.