Success takes action

“He’s all talk.” I remember hearing that phrase in junior high a lot. It was always in reference to the kids that wanted to show they were cool by threatening to beat someone up. Most never backed up those threats. High school came and the threats turned into one-upmanship. Again, most never backed up the “oh yeah, well I could do that, too” with anything more than an excuse to why they couldn’t right then and there. Then I get to adulthood and observe a number of people over the years (including myself occasionally) either lamenting their plight in life or vocally wishing they could do something great, but never doing anything about it.

I’ve learned this. Success takes action. I’ve never known anyone successful at anything that hasn’t taken some sort of action. I don’t know anyone that is truly successful that had all of that success fall in their lap and stay with them for the rest of their life. You and I have to work at it.

Remember that we have a lot going on in life. Family, career, finances, spirituality, and many other parts of our life will only see success if we make efforts to get them there. Find something today that leads to the success you want and take action!