Lack of focus = lots of frustration

I’ve met with a number of people lately that are frustrated with the way their careers are heading. They’re frustrated with not getting promoted, or what they have to do every day at work, or why someone else is getting a better job instead of them.

One of my friends I spoke with was particularly frustrated, feeling any effort he’d given in his job wasn’t recognized and, therefore, didn’t lead to any recent promotion.
When I asked him what he really wanted to do for work, he didn’t know. He didn’t know exactly where he wanted to get to. Without that focus, he was just frustrated because everyone else seemED to be moving ahead.

I’ve recently gained more focus in different avenues of my life and, although I haven’t reached some of those goals yet, I actually know what I want to get to and that focus has helped me remove a lot of frustration. Once there’s a focus, you can be comfortable with yourself and your goals, because you know what you ultimately want to achieve.

Focus and watch your frustration fade.