In the new year, make a plan. Make it simple. Be successful!

It’s a new year! A time to let the old go and be excited about what’s new. For some it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions. I like this idea, but all too often they are forgotten within weeks of being made.

In order to be successful this year in your goals, do this: make a plan, make it simple, and be successful.

In my life as a manager and in my personal life I’ve learned that either too many goals/plans or complicated goals/plans are usually a recipe for failure. In my experience I’ve learned that if you focus on a maximum of three goals/plans (one or two is better), and you make those goals or plans simple, the likelihood of making them happen greatly increases. This is true whether you have fitness goals, career goals, financial goals, or any other.

Once you’ve reached those goals, you can make new goals and plans, keep them simple and make them happen.

So in 2014, make your plans, make them simple and be successful!

Happy New Year!